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    We connect, link and cross-pollinate tech communities across emerging markets of the Global South. On this page, we highlight interesting companies, individuals, and organizations.

    Content Interviews

    We've organized more than 70 tech events around the world and we saw a need to inform our global community with very short videos of less than 60 seconds of what is happening in tech communities from Cambodia, Taiwan, and beyond featuring:


    Technology Markets and Expansion Insights
    Learn more about the challenges and opportunities brings to tech entrepreneurs, investors and more from in each country, and region we highlight and the parallels between them.


    Interviews with Key tech Community Leaders
    We meet a lot of interesting people tech people who are actively building and fostering their local tech communities.


    Tech Startup and Company Spotlights

    Highlighting some interesting tech companies that are creating remarkable impact in their country

  • Interviews

    Magic - The Tech Soft Landing Center for the South East Asia Region

    We interviewed Johnathan Lee Executive Director of Magic Academy in Malaysia to explain to us how Magic is helping tech startups scale throughout South East Asia.

    Tricks for Entering the Indonesian Tech Market

    We spoke to Philip Effendy of East Ventures in Indonesia to share some insights about entering the Indonesian Tech markets and some of the huge opportunities it brings.

    Malaysia: The best tech ecosystem in SE Asia?

    How does Malaysia set itself apart as a tech ecosystem? And what about their neighbors?


    Hear Johnathan Lee (MaGIC Accelerator), Kenneth Ho (BEAM.biz), and Adam Ramskay (Cradle Fund) make their pitch for starting up and investing in Malaysia.

    How Indonesia's Getting Smart on Smart Cities

    We visited the Smart City Lounge in Jakarta to discuss how they're planning long-term to become Asia's smart cities model. Click to take a peek at their work...

    Vietnam's Vibrant Tech Ecosystem

    How does a tech ecosystem emerge in a Communist country? See what leaders from Saigon Innovation Hub, 500 Startups Vietnam, and Vietnam Innovative Startup Accelerator (VIISA) had to say about the country's growth.

    Cambodia Tech Spotlight: Edemy

    We met a very interesting startup in Phnom Penh called Edemy. They are creating English learning courses for Cambodian students who don’t necessarily have an internet connection and don’t own a smartphone. Would you invest in Edemy?

    The Singapore tech ecosystem

    Is Singapore the best place to base your tech startup?


    Watch what Marianne Tan of ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship) and Jie Lun Ong of Plug-and-Play Tech Center had to say!

    Is Singapore the hottest and best startup Fintech country?

    Hear what Felix Tan, Managing Director of @thefinlab, had to say in response...

    Thailand Tech -ecosystem challenges & opportunities

    Since Thailand is the world's digital nomad mecca, we set out to explore the local startup/tech ecosystem. Featuring @supachaimd, Founder of RISE Accelerator

    Is Cambodia Tech blowing up?

    GST had our first meetup in Phonm Penh in January. We met about 50 people and we're really excited to see a thriving tech ecosystem there!


    We took some time from the event to ask our panelists and other key players what "Cambodia Tech" is about.

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